Our company established in 1993, specializes in the sourcing, standardization and exporting of Greek honey, in bulk form or packed as per our clients' requirements.

We collect our honeys from independent apiarists with whom we have established long term business relationship guaranteeing that the honey produced is of excellent quality complying with national and European Community standards.
 All our honeys are of top rate quality, 100% pure without any treatment and offered to our clients after been stringently tested for their pureness and for the absence of any pharmaceutical or pesticide residues.

Honey production in Greece is a nomadic activity, that means that apiarists move their bee hives from one place to another so they can collect honey from different flora, herbs or honey dews.  Honey production farms do not exist, so we travel all around Greece to collect the best of different types of honey according to the harvesting season and to the demand from our clients.

You are most welcome to taste our honeys!

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